The goal of developing and providing an enriched and integrated academic enterprise and the objective of placing the University in top rank was accomplished through various construction, procurement and installation of equipment. The various constructions in Colleges which were in terms of classrooms, laboratories and lecture theatres had  gone a long way in providing a conducive environment for learning, enhanced the quality of our academic programs and meeting up even more than the minimum requirement of the regulatory bodies. The TETFUND interventions on physical infrastructures had accorded the University an easy ride on all accreditations exercise on campus since the year 2012 when the exercise commenced on campus. 

Virtually all our programs which were mounted in all departments since inception of the University are comfortably domiciled in befitting buildings with sufficient classrooms and office spaces which resulted in success in successive accreditation, reaccreditation and resource inspection exercises across all colleges and departments. The University’s goal of periodic construction of new physical infrastructures and constant maintenance of existing ones are being achieved through Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) and Intervention from TETFund. The objective of 100% in construction and procurement of equipment as at the end of each of the plan periods was materialized and the Intervention has been very supportive of the growth, expansion and sustainability of the University.  

The construction of E-library building and procurement of both hard and soft ware components, procurement and installation of engineering equipment, procurement and installation of mass communication equipment, procurement  of equipment and furniture for center for innovation, teaching and  research, and provision of the state-of-the-art infrastructural technology equipment supported teaching and quality of academic standard. 

In addition to the foregoing, these projects had far reaching effects on program upgrade and, effective service delivery on the core functions of the University. The provision of library books has also brought about the accomplishment of goal and objective of high quality library resources which is one of the major requirements of accreditation exercise.  

One of the critical goals of the University is to produce graduates that are well equipped with entrepreneurial skills with the objective of ensuring that our graduates are themselves entrepreneurs and job creators instead of seekers. The strategy for fulfilling this is to harness TETFund Intervention for the construction of entrepreneurship building with industrial and commercial components and procurement of equipment to the tune of N200million Naira year 2011 normal intervention. 

To promote robust staff and student welfare the TETFund intervention was utilized to procure vehicles for effective transportation system, provision of adequate hostel accommodation, and procurement of firefighting equipment. The goal of providing a clean, beautiful and serene environment conducive for teaching and learning was accomplished as manifested in various renovation and landscaping of buildings. The photographs of some of the TETFund sponsored physical projects are presented below: 

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