The University is able to achieve a high impact and innovative enquiries relevant to solving intellectual challenges, foster sustainable development and positive societal change through TETFund Intervention on both Institutional and National based research grants. A total of 64 members of academic staff had benefitted from IBR while only 2 members of staff benefitted from National Research Fund (NRF) between 2010 and 2018 

List of Physical Infrastructures 

Construction of e-library building and procurement of furniture items Procurement of hardware components Procurement of software components  Special (2010)  Completed and functional 
Construction of College of Engineering and Technology Building  2010 Normal 
Construction of Conference center Procurement of 1No 18 Seater bus Procurement of 12 No 2HP Split A/C  2010 Special 
Procurement of various volumes of assorted books  2010 ETF Intervention in Library Development 
Procurement of References Books and Assorted Books in Colleges  2011 TETFund Intervention Library Development 
            Procurement of Assorted Books  in Colleges 2012-2014 (Merged) TETFund Intervention 
            Construction of ICT Building Normal 2011 
            Entrepreneurship Centre Construction Industrial Component Construction Commercial Component Equipment for Industrial Component Equipment for Commercial Component Normal 2011 
9  Procurement of College of Engineering Equipment, Phase 1 Procurement 1 No 30 Seater Toyota Coaster Bus Special 2012 
10           Procurement of Engineering Equipment   (Phase II) Special 2013 
11 Construction of Lecture Theatre and Hall for ICT 2013 Needs Assessment Special Intervention N200million 
12 Construction of Technical Lab and Library for ICT 2013 Needs Assessment Special Intervention N100Million 
13A & 13B Two Units of Construction of 1NO Blocks of Hostels 2013 Needs Assessment Special Intervention 
14 Procurement of Engineering Equipment 2013 
15 Construction of Lecturer Hall for College of Education 2013 Needs Assessment Special Intervention 
16 Landscaping of Existing “90days and Accreditation Building” 2013 Needs Assessment Special Intervention 
17 Renovation of Existing Lecture Hall 2013 Needs Assessment Special Intervention 
18 Renovation and Landscaping of Existing Female Hostel (Block A & B) 2013 Needs Assessment Special Intervention  
19 Procurement of Mass Communication Equipment for College of ICT 2013 Special Intervention 
20 Supply and Installation of Engineering Equipment  Supply of 1 No 30 –  Seater Toyota Coaster Bus. 2013 Special Intervention 
21 Construction of 1 Storey School of Post Graduate Building Procurement of Fire Truck Supply and Installation of 246 Lecture Hall Seats 2013 Special Intervention  
22 Construction and Furnishing of Convocation Centre Procurement of Engineering Equipment 2013 Special Intervention 
23 Construction of University Main Library Procurement of Furniture for Main Library Procurement of Equipment and Furniture for Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Research  2014 Special High Impact Intervention 
24 Supply and Installation of 250KW Solar Power Plant with Hybrid Inverter System and Cabling Supply and Installation of Street Light-Poles and Cables 2014 Special Intervention 
25 Construction of School of Arts Theatre Phase 1 Construction of School Performing Arts Theatre Phases 2-3 Years 2012-2014 Merged Intervention 
26 Construction of College of Humanities Management and Social Sciences Phase 1 Construction of College of Humanities, Management and Social Sciences Phase 2 Years 2012-2014 Merged Intervention 
27 Construction of College of Information Technology Phase 2 Years 2012 – 2014 Merged Intervention 
28 Landscaping of Existing Accreditation Building Library  Years 2012-2014 Merged Intervention 
29 Construction of Language Laboratory Complex Years 2012-2014 Merged Intervention 
30 Construction of College of Education Complex Years 2012-2014 Merged Intervention 
31 Supply and Installation of 400 No Auditorium Tip-up seats Years 2012-2014 Merged Intervention 
32 Procurement of 1 No 2.7 Litre Petrol Engine 16 Seater Bus Years 2012-2014 Merged Intervention 
33 Procurement of 1 No Ashok Leyland 56-Seater A/C Bus Years 2012-2014 Merged Intervention 
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